Fire Detection :

Design your custom fire detection process with our experienced, state licensed residential fire alarm superintendents assisting you every step of the way.


Intrusion Detection:

Home intrusion detection and security monitoring can be as uncomplicated as wireless sensors on the doors and windows, with motion detectors in the common areas or as expansive as a layered system starting with perimeter detection at the fence or property line. Your Alarm Contractor can provide a wide range of options to meet your particular needs.


Video Surveillance:

Home Security CamerasYour Alarm Contractor can meet your specific needs in home security surveillance technology with offers ranging from the very latest in surveillance to affordable every-day options.

Want to be notified when your latchkey teen brings home a few too many friends? Care to keep an eye on your four legged family members in the backyard? Or perhaps you just need to deter potential vandals from your driveway? We can help with your solution.


Alarm Monitoring:

Your Alarm Contractor’s Home Security Monitoring Centers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Monitoring Centers are located in Texas to provide you with the fastest response possible because when it comes to monitoring your home, response matters.

To mention just a few of our many, many services and methods of detection:

Burglary Monitoring

Once a burglary alarm is received at a Customer Alarm Monitoring Center, a trained Alarm Contractor professional will notify you and the police in real time.

Fire and Smoke Monitoring

When an alarm from a fire, smoke or heat detector is received, a trained operator professional will notify you and your local fire department immediately.

Flood or Water Leak Monitoring

Help protect your home from potential water damage from broken pipes, damaged drain pans, etc..

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon monoxide (CO) can be impossible to detect without a warning device. Protect those close to you from the unseen dangers of CO gas.

Medical Alert Monitoring

At the push of a button you can be connected to an emergency operator through the two-way voice intercom system. If assistance is needed, this professional will contact the appropriate emergency response services.

Temperature Monitoring

Sensors can detect changes in temperature and are a great solution to help prevent burning out expensive equipment and other damages caused by high temperatures here in Texas.


Ask your Your Alarm Contractor representative for recommendations for your home and as always, stay educated about the potential needs of your family and home. We are here to address your concerns.