Home Owners:

At Your Alarm Contractor, we strive to be competitive and offer hosted (“leased”) systems just like the big guys. However, we encourage our customers who own their home to increase their investment by purchasing the installation and equipment for a home security system. This will help with lowering overall costs, any recurring costs, and potential contract requirements.

If you are having your home built, get with a Your Alarm Contractor representative as soon as possible so that we can coordinate with your contractor to prewire your home for the best design possible. Then you can start small if you like and upgrade into the possibilities that were prewired at a later time.

A wired system offers many advantages including limiting maintenance, less battery costs and maintenance than wireless systems, more device options for future upgrades and less costly to upgrade. So if you have the opportunity to prewire your home, take advantage, even if it is for use at a later date.

A purchased system is owned by you and adds value to your home when you sell it. And while we certainly strive to meet all of the security needs of our customers, with a purchased system you get more choice, including who you use for monitoring. Your Alarm Contractor provides excellent incentives to monitor with us. We also understand completely that you may still be under contract or prefer using your previous monitoring company and only need us to install an excellent intrusion detection system for your home.

We provide many interactive home automation services including programmable, interactive thermostats, wireless locks, lighting controls, remote video and many other options for your home.

As always we are proud of our work and offer parts and labor warranties for our installs, just let us know of a problem and we will work hard to make sure you are proud of our work as well.

Home Renters:

While purchasing a system for a home you do not own may not seem like a great option to many, keep in mind that the owner that is renting to you may be interested in the investment. Purchasing your system could save both parties money. Once you move on, that system could then be utilized by the new tenant.

Our customers are in many different situations and life plan maturities, we at Your Alarm Contractor do our best to work with you based on those current circumstances. We can offer hosted options based specifically on your home lease, or simply plan on moving the hosted system to a new home with you when that time comes.

We can design hybrid systems providing a balance between the solidity of a wired system and the savings/ease of wireless. We can also provide multiple forms of control and many options for communications. Your Alarm Contractor provides security, customized by you.

Apartment Renters:

Your Alarm Contractor can provide a minimally invasive or even non-invasive security installation for your apartment. We can host the equipment and monitoring for a low monthly fee, removing all the added pressure and stress of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment. We at Your Alarm Contractor can help you simplify and economize.

With cellular radio for communications and monitoring, no wires are needed for a phone line or network. All sensors can be fully wireless. With two way wireless capabilities we can even add wireless keypads and other control devices without running wires. This should make your life easier and make the apartment manager happier.

Your Alarm Contractor offers integrated keypad controllers with full text description LCD screens, Z-wave control for locks, thermostats, lighting, and other similar options, two-way remotes with status indicators, remote video with snapshot alerts and full interactive services allowing you to control your system via a secure internet portal. Your Alarm Contractor provides technology solutions, customized by you.

Our apartment installs are fast and efficient. From showing up on time to training you on your new system, we keep it short and sweet so you can get back to what was important to have security for in the first place. As always, we are proud of our work and we will do our best to make you proud of it too. Whether it’s the low price, the fantastic options, or the incredible professionalism and workmanship, we want you to brag on us.